3 questions to help you check-in and reflect

Richard Sage
2 min readJun 16, 2023

It’s really easy to get caught up in the grind, and incessant tumult of our working days and miss opportunities to step back and reflect.

When we continue ploughing on we miss opportunities to reflect and engage our creativity on our daily activities.

A really simple tool i sometimes use at the start of a coaching session asks 3 questions to help my client jump out of being and into a reflective mode of thinking and feeling. It can be really useful just asking yourself these questions

1. Out of 10 how would you rate your level of Focus, and why?

This question helps draw attention to potential distractions and what is currently occupying your headspace.

2. Out of 10 how would you rate your level of Energy, and why?

This question helps draw attention to how you are feeling right now and also identify what might be contributing to that feeling.

3. Out of 10 how would you describe your level of Openness, and why?

I find this question helps people zoom out from their current perspective. Sometimes its easy to get the blinkers on, especially when pressured by workload or deadlines. The first step to taking the blinkers off and having a wider perspective is noticing you’ve got the blinkers on in the first place.

What is your preferred approach to check in and reflect?

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